Northwell Health Partners Council
Northwell Health Partners Council
Northwell Health Partners Council
Northwell Health Partners Council
Northwell Health Partners Council

Project Description

Shadowbox Design Management helps to organize the┬áKatz Institute for Women’s Health, Partners Council Luncheon hosted by Northwell Health Foundation. This significant and well-coordinated event is a collaboration between multiple parties involved, including the client, caterer, fashion house, and Shadowbox Design Management. By synthesizing everyone’s visions into a shared design, Shadowbox Design Management is able to consistently create a seamless and beautiful fundraising event year after year.

The event has several important components and requirements, including:

  1. Venue and Tent: The event takes place at the Old Westbury Gardens and involves the setup of a sizable tent measuring 25 meters by 65 meters. This tent accommodates the runway, seating, and other event components.
  2. Staging and Runway: The setup requires staging for models to walk on during the fashion show. The runway is a central element of the event, and its design is crucial to creating a visually appealing and impactful experience for guests.
  3. Scenic Flats and Visual Stage Surrounds: These elements contribute to the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the event. They serve as backdrops and decorations that enhance the theme and atmosphere.
  4. Video and Lighting: Visual and lighting elements play a significant role in creating a captivating atmosphere. Video screens and lighting setups are essential for showcasing the fashion designs and ensuring that guests can see the show clearly.
  5. Power, Audio, and Communication: Reliable power supply, audio equipment, and communication systems are essential to ensure the event runs smoothly. Guests need to hear announcements and music clearly, and event staff require effective communication channels.
  6. Air Conditioning: Given the size of the tent and the number of attendees, air conditioning is crucial to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the space, especially during warm weather.
  7. Backstage Amenities: The models and performers require a designated backstage area with amenities for preparation and relaxation before going on stage. This includes dressing rooms, makeup areas, and lounges.
  8. Labor and Event Management: The setup, operation, and teardown of the event require a skilled labor force. Shadowbox Design Managements team handles various tasks, including stage setup, technical support, managing the event flow, and ensuring everything runs as planned.

By effectively coordinating these components, Shadowbox Design Management ensures that the Partners Council Luncheon is not only visually appealing but also smoothly executed, creating a positive experience for guests and contributing to the success of the Katz Institute for Women’s Health